We offer several different options for your Direct Part Mark reading needs.  Our specially designed LDS optics are available in two main categories: the LDS-M3 and the LDS-V2.  Due to the integrated aspects of our optics with the scanning device, these optics are not available by themselves, they come as features on handheld scanners or portable terminals.  Please refer to the following links for more information.

LDS-V2 Optic
Used when surfaces are smooth and the etched area is recessed or roughened
LDS-M3 Optic
Designed with shiny curved surfaces in mind
4410 Handheld Scanner
Lightweight, balanced and easy to use, the 4410 can be used in repetitive, high volume hand scanning operations in even the most demanding environments
4600 Handheld Scanner
The 4600 is as durable as it is versatile. We have a reputation for products that are tough as nails and the 4600 is no exception
FM450 Fixed Mount Scanner
The FM450 reader is ideally suited to packaging, printed circuit board manufacturing, electronic component manufacturing, and clinical/diagnostic applications
9500 Portable Terminal
The 9500 Portable Terminal is the NEWEST self-contained terminal with interchageable optics that addresses the needs of the Direct Part Mark industry.
4600 UltraViolet (UV barcode) Scanner
Reads otherwise invisible UV barcodes, Lightweight, compact, easy to carry unit, Optional cordless and portable terminal versions also available.

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