LDS-M3 Optics

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Our LDS-M3 (Light Delivery System) Optic was designed initially, to address a shiny curved surface that had been etched with a bar code.  This kind of surface was not of a consistent enough background, due to the curvature, for the low-angle illumination of our V2.  Our M3 has a broad "glowing surface" that is shining down onto the surface of the bar coded area with the object that is marked held at a precise angle relative to the "glowing surface" and the return optics to the image.  This set of angles causes the shiny background to appear lighter (rather than darker) than the marks by means of a broad illumination area.  This works especially well on curved surfaces.

We have found selected cases where a target can be read with either style of optics due to selected properties of the material that is etched.  Both styles of optics may also use specialty guides customized by us to assure the correct positioning of the scanner relative to the object, to make it easy to use.

Due to the integrated aspects of our optics with the scanning device, our optics are not available by themselves, but rather as a component to a complete system solution  If you are interested in purchasing this design of optic or a different one you must couple it with a scanner or portable terminal.

Please refer back to our Products page for our available options for scanners or portable terminals.