InData LDS-4410

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The InData LDS-4410 High Density Image Readers are hand held input devices for reading and decoding two dimensional (2D) symbologies. Offering integrated support for data matrix, stacked linear and conventional linear barcodes, the LDS-4410 is designed for reading high density data matrix symbols. The LDS-4410 has the power to capture and download images to a PC for applications, such as signature capture, OCR and capturing text.

Lightweight, balanced and easy to use, the LDS-4410 can be used in repetitive, high volume hand scanning operations in even the most demanding environments. The LDS-4410 can be configured for keyboard wedge, Non Decoded Laser Output (Code 128 emulation), TTL RS-232, or True RS-232. The LDS-4410 connects to all popular PCs and portable data terminals. The Non Decoded Laser Output mode can be used with external wedge decoders and portable terminals or other devices without 2D decoding capability. The LDS-4410 can be integrated with all types of customer systems.

This product is also available in a cordless format.  This is accomplished using InData Systems Powerlink technology.  For more information on this technology click here.

Due to the integrated aspects of our optics with the scanning device, our optics are not available by themselves, but rather as a component to a complete system solution.  If you are interested in purchasing this design of scanning device or a different one you must couple it with an optics assembly.

Please refer back to our Products page for our available options for optics.