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How do you track UV marked items after they have left the controlled production line?  Machine mounted UV illuminating camera-based scanning systems are bulky and difficult to move around, let alone be carried by an operator. That was your ONLY choice – until now.

Our 4410UV scanner is very easy to carry around and use. It is based on the Industry Standard HandHeld Products 2D bar code scanner but uses Ultra Violet Illumination and enhanced optics to be able to see the “invisible” bar code marks printed with UV fluorescing inks.  The pharmaceutical, automotive and other industries have been using UV inks to mark items with marks that are not noticeable except when illuminated in Ultra Violet “Black Light” to trace lot and origin of the item.  These marks are usually only read under special situations but the bulkiness and non-portability has restricted their widespread usage.

This product is also available in a cordless format.  This is accomplished using InData Systems Powerlink technology.  For more information on this technology click here.

The wireless battery-powered operation offers unlimited choices.  The future use of our illumination optics on self-contained portable data terminals based on HandHeld Products’s 9500 will further extend the industries mobility and capabilities.

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r> Email: sales@directpartmark.com