InData LDS-4600

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The InData LDS-4600 2D area imager combines the versatility of area imaging with the speed and cost of linear scanning for a wide range of applications. Powered by Adaptus imaging, the LDS-4600 is full featured, fast, and cost effective.

Current and future retail and commercial applications will involve much more than linear bar codes. The omnidirectional reading capability of the LDS-4600 allows fast and easy reading of EAN-UCC composite codes, PDF417, data matrix codes and Postal codes. Simply point and shoot. There is no need to align a scan line or wait for a raster beam to open up.

With no moving parts the LDS-4600 is as durable as it is versatile. We have a reputation for products that are tough as nails and the LDS-4600 is no exception, and will provide years of service at a low cost.

This product is also available in a cordless format.  This is accomplished using InData Systems Powerlink technology.  For more information on this technology click here.

Due to the integrated aspects of our optics with the scanning device, our optics are not available by themselves, but rather as a component to a complete system solution.  If you are interested in purchasing this design of scanning device or a different one you must couple it with an optics assembly.

Please refer back to our Products page for our available options for optics.